jueves, 17 de mayo de 2012


Here we have a new activity that was made by the students from the first year Travel Agency Vocational Training Course. Although it is not a bilingual training course, they agreed to participate:
Students should talk about a worker´s personal background and their labour conditions of their job.
Any student with a foreign relative had to tell us about them.

+ Vanesa introduces her grandfather to us:
+ These two students introduced their cousin to us. They are very proud of her.
+ One of the students who made the following presentation is from Cuba, so I couldn´t stop myself from asking him to tell us about a Cuban worker´s life
+ Marina y Lillo decided to talk about Lillo´s job. Don´t miss it!!!
+ The following student introduces another worker to us.
+ Isabel introduces her grandfather´s life to us:
+ These students talk about Caceres´ father, who works very hard everyday
+ Miroslavova is so proud of her grandfather that she and Flores made a fantastic presentation about him. Let´s have a look at it!!!

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  1. These students did a superb work. They did a lot of research and finally the result is amazing!!!
    I´m sure you will learn a lot about these workers of the world!!