jueves, 8 de noviembre de 2012


- They didn`t have a mortgage like you have!
- Nor did they have a permanent job to defend
- No Welfare State
- No wage
- No car
- NO.........

They could  only lose their dignity and their lives.
 And they fought !!


Dibujo de Juan Kalvellido

Fill in the blanks using the the bold words:
  1. If a Spanish citizen can´t pay the  bank the ______________ every month, he/she will lose their house and will still have to pay the debt to the bank.
  2. Nowadays you are a lucky man if you have a _______________ job
  3. ________________ means a State offers people a Public Health Service, pensions to retired workers and unemployment benefits.
  4. If you defend your rights you are a courageous worker with ___________  

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