jueves, 13 de diciembre de 2012


Subo de nuevo el vídeo sobre el desahucio y un texto sobre la situación económica actual.


# 1 Write down the expenses the narrator is talking about at the beginning of the text.
# 2 At the beginning of the crisis it was very easy to get a loan. According to the text is that sentence right or wrong?
#3 Imagine you have a lot of money and most of your friends ask you for it. You lend them all your money and you have decided to ask for more from a bank because you want to help them. What do you think will be the consequences?
# 4 Why are so many people without a job?
# 5 Why have so many companies closed?
#6 Why are there so many companies that have reduced their production?
# 7 why do the companies have to dismiss most of their workers?
# 8 Where do you think the money has gone?
# 9 Who do the Spanish banks owe money to?
# 10 Can you explain why the narrator says that “this seems to be a catch-22”?

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