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Spanish students are on strike for three days from the 5th February 2013 till 7th February 2013. They claim to the Minister of Education:
1.      To retire the draft law called LOMCE.
2.      To leave his position (to dismiss).

Students Trade Unions are satisfied with the number of the students that have followed the strike. They affirm that between 80% and 90% of the students haven’t gone to class.
Students from the third and four year of Secondary School, High School and Vocational Training courses have been called to go on strike.
“Thousands of students and hundreds of pickets explained the reasons why a strike to defend Public Teaching, Public Education.
Yesterday many students in the protests in Madrid chanted together: “Where are our envelopes”.
Let me remind you what the law says about the fundamental right to assembly to discuss whether or not going to class when students are called to go on strike. It will not be consider a fault.  Teachers are not allowed to penalise students. However students have to communicate on writing the decision of going on strike by their student delegate.

Ir a la huelga                                   to go on strike
Pedir/reclamar                              to ask for, to claim
Retirar                                              to retire
Dimitir                                              to dismiss
Seguir la huelga                             to follow the strike
Secundaria                                      Secondary
Bachillerato                                    High School
Formación Profesional                Vocational Training
Llamados a la huelga                    to be called on strike
Enseñanza Pública                                    Public Teaching
Manifestación                                Protest
Corear                                              to sing/ to chant together
Regular                                            to regulate
Derecho de reunión                     the right to assembly
Sancionar                                        penalise
Falta                                                  fault
Permitir                                           to allow
Sancionar                                        to penalise
Piquete                                            picket
Esquirol                                            strike-breaker

1.     Students Trade Unions represent students who fight for their rights
2.     If the Trade Union calls you to go on strike you are obliged to go to
3.     Students are not allowed to assemble in class and discuss their decisions
4.     A strike breaker is a person who doesn’t follow the strike and goes to work
5.     If the students go on strike they will be penalised and punished
Students chanted together “Where are our envelopes”. Is there any important and current news about possible corruptions within the members of the Spanish Government? Try to write about it as much as you can. Don’t forget to add the web pages you have been visiting.
Right now, many different sectors of the Civil Servants are claiming for their rights because of the cuts and reforms: the Health Sector, the Educational Sector and the Justice Sector. Look for images and don’t forget to add their links. Can you write down only one claim of each sector?

Textos escritos por Mª Isabel Pérez Ortega y corregidos por Samantha Potts
Málaga, 6 de Febrero del 2013.

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