viernes, 30 de octubre de 2015


One more year, my students and I have been participating in the Halloween activities that are scheduled by the bilingual teachers in our school since 2010.

This year it had to be different so we decided to play it the other way round: we would offer a candy in exchange for a donation for children in need, as the UNICEF Campaign for HALLOWEEN says. It has been a great challenge as well as an important mission.


1SR and 2SR students have designed several posters to illustrate the campaign and have also been working on the boxes and cans, using UNICEF materials to collect money.

1ME students have been collecting money during the whole week.

1OI students have also made a big poster explaining our purpose and aim which is to get 500€ for UNICEF.

Irene Lendinez, who was a student of ‘Servicios en Restauración' V.T.C. and now a student of a V.T.C. in Graphic Arts, designed a special box to collect money, too. 

It is important to underline the huge contribution of the teachers of the Graphic Arts Department on this occasion.

Today, students from the First Year of TSAAFD have prepared a flashmob during the break to celebrate Halloween at school!!! It was a superb show. Most of the students were having their snacks when a group of zombies started marching along the playground as the song Thriller from Michael Jackson was played.

Natalie-Jane Espinosa and I have written this post.

HALLOWEEN WITH 1SR, 2SR, 1ME and 1OI GROUPS on PhotoPeach HALLOWEEN BY TSAAFD 2015 on PhotoPeach

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