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# Activity 1: Correct the grammar mistakes of the following sentences:
-the law say that a compani with a number of workers between 6 and 10 may have a Delegate if the workers approve it by the majority of them (2 mistakes).
- The law do not let workers to choose a Delegate when the company have less than 6 workesr (2 mistakes).
- The law also says that every Delegate will has 15 hours per month to be abel to do his/her job (2 mistakes).

Now, please rewrite the sentences properly.

# Activity 2: Answer the following questions:
A)     According to the text of the Activity 1, if a company has 4 workers and they decide to vote a chose a Delegate that represents them, could they have a Delegate?
B)      Can a 15 years old worker participate in the legal representative elections? Why?
C)      How about if a 18 years old waiter, who has been in the company for only 15 days, wants to participate in the elections?
D)     Does a Delegate have the right to get information about the economic evolution of the company where the delegate works?  Can he/she check workers about the way they do their jobs from a prevention point of view?
E)      Is it right to affirm that a Delegate can make agreements with the legal representatives of the employers to improve their labor conditions?
F)      What are the two requirements to be able to be a legal representative of a worker?

# Activity 3: Translate the following words into Spanish/English:
Trade Union


To vote




To fulfil

Estar de acuerdo

Activity 4: Do the activities one and two of the Unit 6. Then, do the Reinforcing activities.

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